What is BACnet? A video experience

A quick and dirty explanation of what is BACnet

You now have the chance to enjoy my beautiful voice, along with my strong (and hopefully sexy) french accent.

In my opinion, the most important part of BACnet is how it opens up a whole lot of possibilities by giving access to all these sweet sensors. It’s not for nothing that I’m actively archiving gigabytes of data from various HVAC systems…

I say in this video that BACnet offers a way to free the building owners. It does, but mostly for updrades. As I’ve already mentioned, vendors can still inflict a non-negligible switch cost with their proprietary programming language. Vendors might do this totally unwillingly, but the burden is still there and must be paid.

I had a discussion recently with fellow BACneteers about this very subject. Many possible solutions are currently studied. I might summarize it on my mailing list… Meanwhile let’s just say that the statu quo might not persist.

My Video experience

I spent way too much time doing this video… at least for what I consider to be a so-so result. The next time I’ll try to jack up the audio a little, so that my voice is loud and clear.

I could also slack on the drawing board. The effect is nice, but boy is it time consuming! Each drawings must be accelerated ~8 times to have an interesting look. This means that if I want 2 minutes of doodling, I must do it for 16 minutes! That’s if I have everything right the first time (which I didn’t). Another downside of the drawings is to make sure the audio is in sync. Here again, that was quite long.

Next time I might give a try to screen capture. I have a tutorial to do… and as everyone who has written a tutorial before knows, nobody RTFM. A video might be what it takes to capture the attention.

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