You’re a women? In a tech field? Nice… now STFU!

This is a post of rage. There’s nothing technically interesting here; you should probably go away.

Over the last few years there’s been more and more mentions about how women are underrepresented in the technical fields.

The past

While I was at school, there was some companies offering compensation for women if they were to do their paid internship with them.

Now, let’s get this straight. This is sexism. Not a mild “oh yeah, I acknowledge that you are a women and you have physical differences, such as breasts.” This is right in the “I pay you more because you are of a particular sex” alley. While others see encouragement for women, I see sexism towards men.

This is a fun logic actually. If you were to believe the commoner:

  • A bar for men is sexism, but a training centre for women is “so she doesn’t feel looked upon”.
  • A man going in a strip-club is a pig. A women going to see gogo boys knows how to party. (And yet, I’ve never seen men screaming like crazy in those places…)
  • A man masturbating is a looser. A woman masturbating knows how to enjoy her body.
  • On a highway with a flat? If you’re a man, CHANGE IT YOURSELF!


But recently the web has gone mad. Simply and totally mad. This evening only I’ve seen 3 subjects about women in tech on HackerNews.

I don’t like your boys-like activity, but I don’t want to quit

Don’t like the work environment? I’ve got an idea… quit! We all have to work with assholes and dumbasses, yet it’s not a reason to go whine to a third party which has nothing to do in your work contract.1 “Mom, Timmy was mean!” Solving your own problems. It’s called being an adult. Or is it being a man?

Full disclosure: I think Hooter’s and alike are disgusting and demeaning. I would gladly explain to length to my co-workers why going there is pointless and a waste of my precious time. That’s right, I’m pompous with males as well.

Somebody was mean on the Internet, it’s sexism!
The girl is intending to criticize the video games we grew up with and loved! What did you expect? In addition, she did raised more than 80k$. Looks like the whole Internet wasn’t against her! I wonder how much of it was because of all the hatred she recieved.

Even if you don’t like the idea – or don’t believe that women are poorly represented in games (in which case, you would be wrong)

Yes, because men, in contrast, are correctly represented in games. I’ll be sure to remind myself that next time I can’t jump higher than my own height or caress my non-existing six-packs.

I want to hire you because you have female genitalia, but it’s not sexism

I have nothing to add here. The double standard should be obvious to everyone.

What to do

I’ll tell you what is not sexism. Hiring someone for their aptitudes and knowledge.

Success in this case, is when you work with someone and don’t care what her/his sex is. (Stupid pronoun messing with my point)

So if you are a woman and working in a tech field, good for you. However if you don’t have anything technical to say, just shut the fuck up.


1 The government

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