Count it yourself!

Where is the Bill-of-Materials?

Today I was happily trying to design an HVAC control system when I saw this little note: “Pour quantité, se fier au plan M801”. Which, translated in English means “For quantity, see blueprint M801”. Ok, so the quantity is simply written on another page? Well no, the only thing on the famous M801 is the HVAC system. Seriously?! You designed the necessary ducts, chose where you wanted the VAV boxes, and yet you can’t make a bill of materials?

This is what a typical HVAC blueprint looks like

Computer can count better than you

Cold hard fact. If you ask a person to count items on a blueprints, you will eventually get an error. Furthermore, it’s borderline disrespectful. I value my time (and so does my boss). I have other things to do than count stupid symbols on a piece of paper (or a worthless text-destroyed-pdf). Not only that, but there’s usually many different divisions in need of such info, which means they will all lose their time because a drawers decided to skip ahead.

No excuses

Those individuals usually design on software such as AutoCAD and Revit, both of which offer a Bill-of-materials function!1 Even if those functions were not available,they could have written them in VBA, or in AUTO-LISP. You are working on a computer, learn to use it!

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